Filling up

Leaded, unleaded and diesel fuel are available throughout the Province. Petrol stations in large towns and on principal roads are mostly open 24-hours a day. Petrol stations accept cash or South African Garage Cards as payment. Unlike Europe, most do not accept general credit cards at all. Most Garages offer ATM facilities. Cash may be required at toll booths which do accept local but not overseas credit cards

Road Transport

Road transport is, by far, the preferred way of travelling as it enables tourists to enjoy the wonderful scenery of this beautiful Province. International tourists who arrive in South Africa by air have the option of renting self-drive cars; taxi transport can also be obtained at taxi ranks, or various stopping points alongside roads and in towns.


Goods and passenger trains pass through Tzaneen. Lines extend from Polokwane to Zimbabwe in the North, Maputo in Mozambique and Pretoria / Johannesburg in the South. Rail information – call: 015-299 6202/3

Air Services:

·         Polokwane International Airport                   015-288 0166

·         Eastgate Airport, Hoedspruit                          015-793 3681

·         Kruger National Park – Gateway Airport       015-781 5823

·         Tzaneen Airport                                                015-304 3142

·         Aircraft / Helicopter Charters                         082 524 4868