Shikwaru Lodge

The story of Shikwaru began more than a decade ago when founders Jacques and Lizzy van Bommel had a vision to develop a sanctuary for families and children from all around the world.

Their passion for God is expressed in their vision to see the lives of the next generation of African children impacted by through the Word of God. This vision also included a wildlife conservation programme, and affordable lodging that would support ministry taking place in Africa.

Shikwaru developed into a feasible business venture, and now includes multiple different lodges, catering for private guests, special events, multiple wedding venues, corporate conferencing, and ministry groups – Both locally and internationally!

Shikwaru is also home to a beautiful developed estate. Shikwaru Estate is full of large beautiful properties for sale, with special building packages and club opportunities – you can now make a piece of Shikwaru a piece of your own.

Shikwaru also boasts a beautiful get away lodge located in the country of Zambia. For international travelers, Shikwaru on the Zambezi, is a gorgeous break away option; situated on the river banks of the Zambezi.

On our site you will find out more details about Shikwaru Lodge and all it has to offer – We always look forward to hosting our guests, and deeply value each person that visits us here. We hope that you choose to come and enjoy the beauty of the African bush with us, sharing in our heritage, and our hope.


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