Children's Entertainment

This year the Taste of Tzaneen is catering for all children!

We start off the morning at 10H00 with the Florence and Watson and The Great Pangolin Mystery.  This show takes the audience back to the magical village of Sugarbush Mountain with its wonderful cast of crazy animal characters. Florence and Watson, the dancing, singing, narrating honey badgers re-introduce us to some old audience favourites including the bossy Mayor Henry Hadeda, the overly dramatic Impi Impala and the grumpy but lovable Buffalo who once again create more problems for themselves while trying to solve their problems. The shy but level-headed and brave little Striped Mouse, Petal steps in again to speak some sense to a village in panic and helps to recruit some new and interesting characters. But will they solve the Great Pangolin Mystery? Come and find out!

A show filled with music, comedy and adventure for the whole family teaching kids how to work together despite our differences and to raise awareness for the plight of the Pangolin which is currently the world’s most illegally trafficked mammal. Starring Rob van Vuuren and Danielle Bischoff.


At 11H00 The children will move into the special play area for a two-hour children’s entertainment special.  With story tellers, indigenous games, music, dancing, face painting, jumping, singing, theatre, beading workshops and all sort of fun.

At 1pm (after the Rugby) the children will be called back into the Golden Circle and be entertained by the Black Ties for a kiddies opskop and dance session. 

This will be followed by Liewe Heksie at 14H00 in the Limpopo Theatre Hall.

Frans Swart, the director of LIEWE HEKSIE says he is very excited that Verna has written a new story especially for him and entrusted it to him. “LIEWE HEKSIE has had been such a big influence on my life over the years, because I was a cameraman on the LIEWE HEKSIE television series.

Although I had already grown up LIEWE HEKSIE, Heksie really crept into my heart with the television series. It is a great honour for me to produce LIEWE HEKSIE EN DIE TUINDWERGIE and it’s so special because it’s a fresh and brand-new story,” said Swart, who has also adapted Vels’s story for the stage. He says it has been an amazing journey: “It was so much fun to work with LIEWE HEKSIE. For an additional bonus at the Taste of Tzaneen the show will also include a second production, Liewe Heksie en die botterblom, which make it really value for money.

Verna ‘s characters are just so believable that it was easy for me to give them life on stage.” He continues: “It’s great that we can tour with the production and introduce the wonderful world of theatre to all children. It is so important for us to do this type of children’s theatre because it’s the only way we get children into the theatre and how we grow a new generation of theatregoers – especially with a festival, where parents are always looking for productions to which they can take their children.”


  • Please write all children’s names and parents names on armbands.
  • Make your first trip at the festival a trip to the lost kid’s office!  Say ‘Hi’ and meet the staff, help your child feel comfortable to approach them if they need to.
  • Over the weekend point out ‘SAFE ADULTS’ – stewards, security, children area workers! Say ‘Hi’ to them too, show your child they are approachable.
  • If your child goes missing, go straight to the lost children point and stay there with staff.
  • DON’T LOOK FOR THEM YOURSELF. Stay with the lost child officer till you are reunited.
  • Put your phone on VIBRATE and NEAR YOUR SKIN when you are by the main stage or having a boogie.