Helene Bester - A Tribute to Nana Mouskouri

Lefra Productions- Helena Bester


Genre:                 Musical Theatre

Language:          Afrikaans and other

Venue:                Limpopo Theatre Hall

Time:                   18H00

Price:                   R 150.00


In her production – Helenè Bester sings Nana Mouskouri – Helenè Bester pays tribute to the iconic Greek singer. Bester’s production was introduced launched to great acclaim at the OPPIWATER ARTS FESTIVAL earlier this year. It was written and directed by Frans Swart of Lefra Productions and Heinrich Pelser, who is Helenè’s accompanist during the Mouskouri shows, did the musical direction. Helenè Bester sings Nana Mouskouri is presented with the proud support of RSG, Sounds Good, Featherview Optometrists, Fleur by Julene Rokebrand, Van Loveren Wines and Stuttaford Van Lines.

Helenè says, “I have always hoped to do a Nana show. I am crazy about her voice and my sister and I grew up with her music”. “We really thought that she was a friend of my mom’s, because they look so much alike. I believe the time is ripe for me to do the show now, as I’m not sure I would have been able to interpret her music so well ten years ago. My voice is older and perhaps has a more mature sound, which I believe is favoured by her target audience. I studied her music videos to observe how she moved on stage, what she did with her hands and how she addressed an audience. One wants to be as credible as possible.

Director Frans Swart agrees: “When Helenè approached me concerning this project, I was immediately excited. Who better than the talented Helenè to pay tribute to the timeless and elegant Nana Mouskouri?”