Christels Art

Hello Art Lovers

To me art is more than paint on a canvas, it is the story of my life. Everyone has a story to tell but its how we choose to tell it that impacts the world. Having said that, each piece of work I present is filled with the words I cannot express any other way. That is the beauty of art, it can tell you my story while revealing a part of your own story at the same time! Much like a book or movie you can get lost in the adventures presented to you through art.

Just like art comes in many different forms, the process behind each process is unique as well. That might sound a little bizarre to you but let me explain a little more from a more personal space:

Lets take abstract art for example… all my abstract pieces are a “happy accidents” because everything from choosing the color and the size of the canvas to each stroke of the brush seems to flow out of me as more of an instinct than a decision… basically the painting paints itself. This incredible yet strange process creates pieces that, depending on the lighting and display, there will always appear to be a new aspect, feeling or atmosphere evoked by its mere presents! (What an adventure)

I thrive on creating optical illusions that stir up creative thinking and that help push you to explore more than what is on the surface.

I could go on forever, my passion is that on fire because art is all encompassing and therefore I can’t just stop at paintings. My story is told over several forms of art such as scull carving , pewter and macrame just to mention a few.

I know where my passion comes from and it is through knowing my source that I am able to impact the world because I believe if you know your source all things are possible